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Ahiskan Festival was held in Dayton
12/Июня/2013, 8.36.03 AM
Ahiska Turkish Festival was held in Dayton

Turkish American Society of Ohio in Dayton, Ohio, United States (Taso) and the American Society of Ahiska Meskhetian Turks (aats) organized by the"1st Turkish-American Festival"was the colorful scenes.program with high participation of Turks and Americans Ahıskalı was living in Dayton.

In this way, the Americans had the opportunity to meet Turkish cuisine delicious food. The children also enjoyed themselves playing field prepared for them outside.American James Lorow participating in the festival,"Today, I am very happy to be here."she said. 7 to 70 color images, everyone who attended the festival, there was music and local dances.

Also tug of war, sack and egg walking competitions allowed participants to spend a nice time.


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