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Ahiska Turks American Society Of Chicago
13/Апреля/2012, 9.37.04 PM

Ahiska Turks  American Society Of Chicago

Festival in Chicago the Ahiska Turkish American Society of Chicago (TASC) brought various Turkic groups together originating from Ahiska, Turkey,  Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan,Uyghur, Bosnia and Albania.

Besides locals and many civil society organizations (CSOs), the Chicago Turkish Consulate General Fatih Yildiz and Illinois Secretary of State Jesse
White attended the event. While Meskhetian Turks and Turkish, folk dancers and music bands were entertaining the audience, local police department introduced police cars to children.TASC said that the Festival aimed to bring children of Turkic and American decent together for a fun time and build cultural bridges.

Dedicated to addressing the social and cultural needs of the Turkish American community living in the Chicago area, The Turkish American Society of Chicago (TASC) is a subsidiary of the Niagara Educational Services (NES), which is a non-profit organization, founded in 1997.


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